Who is Henry Carver?



A hook for a hand. A brilliant mind that inspired students. A steely determination. A singular focus. Traits of the man whose name is synonymous with the earliest days of Bloomsburg University, Henry Carver.

Henry Carver, the first principal of what would become Bloomsburg University, saw a need for an institution to provide a better education than was currently available.

Carver’s determination and dedication played a large part in transforming the growing private school into a state normal school. In five years, Carver laid the foundation for what would become a state university.

Today’s students face challenges. Immediate, Unexpected, Challenges Henry Carver would understand.

Perhaps Henry Carver’s perseverance came from experiences as a teacher. Perhaps his strength came from his lifelong battle with his own personal demons. One thing is for sure: Henry Carver’s faith in Bloomsburg’s success never wavered.

And so, in honor of Henry Carver's determination, the Henry Carver Fund at Bloomsburg University is dedicated to making an immediate, significant impact on today’s students and supporting the best educational experience possible. To meet student needs, whatever those needs may be, right now.

Make a difference. Support the Henry Carver Fund with a gift today.