Student Impact

Kristen Konas: Helping people along the way

With nearly 80% of our students receiving financial aid, the financial benefits of a scholarship award are undeniable.  And as a senior Kristen Konas can attest, when the award comes in the form of the Presidential Leadership Scholarship (PLS), the benefits go far beyond the obvious.  The Presidential Leadership Scholarship is one of the scholarships supported by the Henry Carver Fund, Bloomsburg University's Annual Fund.

"The scholarship was a great help especially during my freshman year because my sister was also in college," says Kristen, a business marketing major.

"And the scholarship gave me another incentive to come to Bloomsburg because I knew I'd have a group of dedicated students to hang out with," she says, explaining that she lived with other PLS recipients in a Living and Learning Community at Luzerne Residence Hall. "Because of the scholarship, I've met students and professionals at Bloomsburg that I know I will keep in touch with in the future."

In addition, the scholarship's community service requirements have greatly enriched her college experience.  Kristen volunteers at the Catholic Campus Ministries' Dollar Dinner, as well as the Salvation Army and The Women's Shelter in downtown Bloomsburg.  She participates in the annual Relay for Life that benefits the American Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Walk.  And, as a member of the national service coed fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, she helps organize activities such as bingo nights and Valentine's Day dances for patients at Danville State Hospital.

"I'm not just in it for myself," Kristen says.  "I want to help people along the way."