2013-2014 Faculty Staff Campaign


As Bloomsburg University faculty and staff, your hard work impacts the lives of students every day. You're responsible for Bloomsburg University's mission of "preparing students for personal and professional success in an increasingly complex global environment." In addition to the great work you do, one of the ways you and your professional colleagues have affirmed your dedication and commitment to BU has been by donating to Bloomsburg University to support the programs and scholarships that affect you every day.

Currently more than 50 funds are supported by regular contributions from faculty and staff through payroll deductions.

Why do we support Bloomsburg University?

"One of the best things about education is the way it opens our eyes. It trains us to notice more about our world and to see, and process what we see, in new ways. I feel so fortunate that I have the opportunity to contribute to this fascinating and life changing process through my work, and the added opportunity to draw attention to what I am passionate about through my financial support is very exciting." ---Heather Feldhaus, 2013-2014 Faculty and Staff Campaign Co-Chair and Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts

"I give because it is one of the most tangible ways I can personally demonstrate that I truly believe in keeping our primary focus on our students and their success. The lives of my parents, my siblings and my children were all made fuller and more rewarding as a result of their college educations and I would like to play some small role in making it possible for others to reap the same benefits of a more meaningful and joyous life." ---Wayne Mohr, 2013-2014 Faculty and Staff Campaign Co-Chair and Associate Vice President for Technology and Library Services

Faculty and Staff Giving FAQ's

What can I Support?

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to support their passions and their interests.

  • You may choose to make a gift through the Henry Carver Fund which is an essential source of unrestricted, current-use support that benefits all areas of BU - such as scholarships, professional development opportunities, travel expenses for internships, and the Presidential Strategic Planning Grants.
  • You can also designate your gift through the Henry Carver Fund to support one of BU's four colleges, academic or athletic scholarships, or a specific athletic program.
  • You may choose to support Bloomsburg University's endowment by making a gift to an endowed scholarship.

Any Donation made to the Henry Carver Fund without a specific designation will remain an unrestricted gift.

How can I give? - There are three easy ways to make your gift.

  1. Checks - Send checks payable to the BU Foundation to the Development Center.
  2. Online - You can make a one-time gift from your credit/debit card or checking account by visiting bloomufdn.thankyou4caring.org. You can also set up a monthly gift through the site.
  3. Payroll Deduction - Making your gift through payroll deductions enables you to split your gift into installments, spreading it over as many or as few pay periods as you wish - you can even set it up to continue from year to year.

Click here to open our Faculty/Staff Appeal Form. Send your completed form to Bloomsburg University Foundation, 400 E. Second Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 or interoffice to the Development Center, Attention: Gift Processor.







Thank you for all that you do to support Bloomsburg University every day. Take the next step and Give Now.