Supporting Student Transformation     Phil and Andrea   

College provides intellectual stimulation and social experience that shape students’ futures, personally and professionally. For some BU graduates, the college years are especially powerful, and they are driven to give back to the university that changed their lives.   

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What do you believe in? Making a difference? Providing a helping hand? Leaving a legacy? With a planned gift to support Bloomsburg University students, you can do all of these things and by doing so, help students like Terrance Jones.  

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BU Student Trustee  Travels the World   Shannon Phillips 

A passion and interest in mass communications first drew Shannon Phillips to BU. Offering an excellent mass communications program, the university was a perfect fit.  “The price was also the most affordable on my search, and I could not pass up the quality of education for the cost.” 

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    Greenly Center               Update                

Move-in day approaches, as the Greenly Center nears completion. On the first and second floors, nearly all of the flooring is installed and painting is almost complete. Drywall installation and painting on the fourth floor is underway. 

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